Rick Stinson

Rick has a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art from Wichita State University.  He is a master lapidary and an accomplished goldsmith.  He became interested in rocks and minerals at a very early age and started cutting cabochon gems in 1972, and has faceted fine colored gems since 1983.   With awards in international and domestic gem art competitions and exhibitions, Ricks’ work has been published in Colored Stone, Lapidary Journal, Professional Jeweler, Tucson Show Guide and other magazines, newspapers and publications.

A member of the United States Faceters Guild he is also a member and former Board Member of the GANA organization.   He is a founding member of the Kansas Meteorite Society.  He recently found a chatoyant peridot in a rare pallasite meteorite and cut the first known extraterrestrial cat’s-eye peridot cabochon, arguably among the very rarest gems in the world.

Rick Stinson


Eye of the Dragon by Rick Stinson


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