Helen Serras-Herman

Helen Serras-Herman is an acclaimed artist with over 29 years of experience in unique gem sculpture and jewelry art. Her award-winning, contemporary organic compositions with carved gems have been collected and exhibited world-wide, and published in over 100 trade magazines, newspaper articles and books.

Born in New York City, lived in Athens, Greece, Helen studied sculpture in Berlin, Germany for 6 years (MFA), later gemology (FGA) and glyptic arts. She joined GANA in 1997 and served as President in 2002-2003 and VP in 2008-2009.

In 2003 Helen was inducted in the National Lapidary Hall of Fame. After 18 years in Maryland, in 2005 Helen and her husband moved to Rio Rico, in Southern Arizona.

Please visit her website at www.gemartcenter.com.

Artist Statement

Inspired by people and mythology my gem sculptures and jewelry take the symbolic shape of gods, nymphs or fantastical creatures. I try to portray them with grace and elegance, with exaggeration, pushing the visual limits. Influenced by travels, landscapes, gem materials, history of the ancient worlds, the great masters and the world around me, my artwork always tells a story.

Helen Serras-Herman


Gem Sculptor, Sculptor, MFA, Gemologist, FGA.

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