Ron Wilson

Meet Ron Wilson, a man of dignity with the unique talent and flair to hold a gemstone and “bring it to life”.  Ron is a gentle man with a never-ending curiosity of nature, God’s gift to humans.  His talents stem from his childhood field trips to beaches, mountains, and deserts.  He finds beauty and enchantment in every-day objects but loves to seek out the exotic.  He enjoys digging for dinosaurs in Wyoming, exploring the ruins of Pompeii, hiking sun-baked trails in the Greek Islands, and ambling through meadows in the Swiss Alps.  California’s beautiful coastline with Laguna’s tide pools and Morro Bay’s untamed scenery add diverse input to his rich imagination.  Ideas explode into his creations.  Simple rocks become jewels and when united with tantalizing embellishments of gold and silver, form a unique piece of jewelry.

Ron has been on a long self-discovery journey of his personal style and unusual flair.  In his lonely, quiet room, he tools magical creations of jewelry, each as unique as you and me.  Through his exquisite work he reveals to us the magnificence of nature’s elements.  We wish him a long and prosperous life.  We are all richer for it.

Ron Wilson


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