Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio

Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio follows a second generation family tradition, since 1968, in the creation of objects d´art and gemstone carving (also known as glyptography) an ancient art with roots from pre–Babylonian times.


An engineer by profession, he grew up surrounded by art, sculpture, minerals & gemstones; artists, master carvers and jewellers were ingrained in his everyday life at his family studio in Lima, Peru where he spent most of his formative years.


His knowledge on precious stones was organically acquired during constant visits to mines around the world where he hunted for exceptional gemstones; making the quest for rarity and quality an exquisite lifetime pursuit.


His art is characterized by the fusion of sculpting techniques and those of jewellery fabrication, the use of exceptional gemstones, the daring design and  the  flawless execution carried out by hand which is vital in order to give a soul to each creation.


After mastering his craft, Quispe Aparacio moved to Paris in search for a new vision and to broaden his scope through the specialization in luxury goods. Examples of this can be seen in his collection “The Beast Within” which was inspired by the resounding influence nature has on man after Quispe Aparacio’s numerous travels to Africa. Today, though he travels the world in search for the rarest gemstones to incorporate into his work, his studio specializes in carving ruby. The second hardest gemstone found on earth after the diamond, few artists have managed to successfully work with ruby as it requires advanced technique in vision, carving and polishing.


His works are displayed in museums in the United States and Europe and enjoyed by private collectors around the World.


Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio

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