Lyle Sopel

Renowned for his world-class original jade gemstone sculptures, Lyle Sopel continues his illustrious career of offering exquisitely executed works to a discerning clientele. With over 30 years of dedication to his practice, Sopel has been hired to work as an advisor on the sculpting of the largest Jade Buddha around the globe in Bangkok, Thailand.

Recognized by National Geographic Magazine Society as “one of the most accomplished contemporary jade sculptors in the world,” Sopel meticulously fashions each of his premier luxury sculptures by hand. Ranging in size from pedestal to life-sized, these refined works are often embellished with jade, quartz-crystal, rubies, lapis lazuli and diamonds. Through his work, Sopel has come to be recognized as a concierge artist who specializes in the creation of rarefied sculptures for his cadre of elite collectors.

As the recipient of lecture invitations for gem museums and private gallery events in the United States, Geneva, Switzerland, Idar-Oberstein in Germany, and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia, Sopel is considered an iconic presence across North America, China and Europe. His work is housed in the collections of celebrities, heads of state, dignitaries and members of royalty around the globe. Notable collectors include the former President of the USA, George Bush Sr, the Duke & Duchess of Westminster, His Highness the Aga Khan III, and most recently, celebrity art collector John Assaraf.

Sopel’s nature inspired works are a reflection of his profound affinity with texture, colour and form, embodying what he refers to as “the spirit that exists in both the human and animal kingdoms”. Characterized by contemporary art critic and author, Dr. Zella Jackson, as an “extraordinary artist with whom only a handful exist in the world today”, Sopel stands out as a devoted artist who has mastered materials that are harder than steel. This mastery, along with a keen observation of the natural world, emanates from Sopel’s line of highly-prized sculptures, bringing a harmonious aesthetic and refined appreciation into the lives of his ardent collectors.

Lyle Sopel

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